5 Awesome International Destinations Under 50K for Indian Backpackers



Holidaying offshore is a superb thought. Travelling gives you an opportunity to leave your tensions at the bay. It not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within the country or away – the fun and delight of the trip remain the same.

When it comes to an international trip, one of the biggest concerns that hinder our plan is the ‘Budget’. In most of the cases, the expenses exceed the budget limit and finally, we cancel the trip. If your budget limit is stopping you from international trips – here is the list of top 5 international trips that fit well into the pocket of every Indian Backpacker.

1. Nepal

Kopan Monastery
Kathmandu, Nepal/ Image source – Himalayanglacier.com

Nepal is the beautiful country nested amidst the foothills of the mighty Himalayas which also is home to the mighty Mount Everest. The land is abundant in snow peaks and streams. Monasteries and temples are a common site across the length and beneath of Nepal.

The calm and serene atmosphere is just the perfect setting for someone who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is the perfect setting for people to venture out into the open and witness a mix of nature and civilization in selected locations.

How to Reach – Nepal is well connected via air and road and enter into Nepal via road may not even require a visa, only a valid permit will suffice. Nepal is accessible from various road routes at Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Sikkim except for the north of Nepal. Regular flights are also available from major Indian cities to Kathmandu.

Accommodation – A decent & clean hotel room will be available from INR 700 to 2200, but there are more budget options like hostels and BNB guest houses available. Remember that 1 INR = 0.63 Nepali rupaiya.

Cost of Food – A good meal will range anywhere from INR 300 onwards depending on the cuisines and the place you choose to dine. Street food is common and good reasonable hotels are available at almost all locations.

Related image
Chatmari Delicious Nepal Food/
Image Source – trekroute.com

Activities or things to do – Temples and monasteries located at Kathmandu and Pokhara are one of the major attractions. Mostly such attractions are free of cost. Trekking and natures tours are a must if one is a nature lover. Adventure sports like bungee jumping and paragliding are available at select locations.  However, the prices may vary according to the seasonal demands and peak periods.

Related image
Paragliding in Nepal/Image Source – nepalcoadventure.com

Places to visit and sightseeing – Wildlife reserve forest like the Parsa, Shuklaphanta to national parks like the Shivapuri are most sought of destinations. Temples at Pashupatinath, Dakshinkali temple, Shechen Monastery, Lumbini, Boudhanath Stupa, Siddha Gufa, Hanuman Dhoka, Devi Fall, phew lake etc are some the prime list of attractions.

Image result for pashupatinath temple
Pashupatinath Temple/Image Source – welcomenepal.com

Approximate cost of travel for a single person is around 40K-45K (3days and 2 nights)

• Travel from Delhi to Kathmandu via flight – INR 7000-10000 to and fro (if book your tickets early).
• Food & Accommodation – INR 8000
• Local travel – INR 5000
• Sightseeing and safaris – INR 10000

2. Sri Lanka

Image result for sri lanka tourism
Beautiful Sri Lanka/ Image source – telegraph.co.uk

Sri Lanka, known as ‘The Emerald Island’ is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean which lies south of India is well known for its amazing beaches and lip smacking delicacies and cuisines. The Island consists of an amalgamation of various languages, cultures, and ethnicities.

Sri Lanka offers a vast variety of option for budget travelers to explore and witness the scenic beauty of is inland and beaches. Colombo is the capital of the county and one of the main cities of attraction. But, there are other locations where one could plan a trip to like Kandy, Galle.

How to Reach

  • Flight – There are various flight options to the major cities of the island and the prices will vary accordion to the seasons and peak tourist influx. Visa to be applied online, which valid for a time period of 30 days.
  • Ship – via sea route – This is a cheap but time taking option, people are comfortable with sea travel can explore this option as there are various services available.

Accommodation – Sri Lanka offers various options for accommodation as per one’s budget and preferences, from one room hostels to dormitories. The cost of accommodation can start from INR 500 onwards. YMCA guest houses are a good option if pre-booked and memberships are availed. Remember that 1 INR = 3.39 Sri Lankan rupees.

Cost of Food – The Island’s specialty is in the seafood and local culinary options that are available in abundance at almost all junction of the island. Food is fresh, clean and cheap. One can enjoy seafood and also cuisines from various other ethnic groups that reside on the island.

Related image
Traditional food in Sri Lanka/ Image Source – hayalanka.com

Activities or things to do – Religions tours, water sports, wildlife safaris, snorkeling, fishing, heritage tours, plantation trips etc are some of the popular activities to do in Sri Lanka.Places to visit and sightseeing – Colombo the capital city of the island, Kandy, Galle the coastal town at the southern tip of the island followed by Kurunegala, tissamaharama, kirinda, panduwasnuwara, dambadeniya, Matara, sabaragamuwa.

Image result for dambadeniya in sri lanka
Dambadeniya, Sri Lanka/Image Source – Pinterest

Local Travel – Local travel is easy and lots of means of transportation are available from autos, buses, trains, and taxis.

Approximate cost of travel for a single person would be around 45K-50k (3days and 2 nights)

• Travel cost – INR 25000 to and fro (from Delhi)
• Accommodation – INR 5000
• Food – INR 5000
• Local travel – INR 7500

3. Indonesia

Related image
Indonesia Tourism/Image Source – marketing-interactive.com

The largest group of islands blessed with natural beauty and clear open beaches are an invitation to all who want to soak out and have some fun. It’s the go-to destination for Indians and one of the cheapest counties to visit. Indonesia is home to a wide variety of animals. Whether the lush rice fields, scenic waterfalls or iconic temples in Bali, it has little of everything for everyone.

With reasonably priced accommodation and inexpensive local food, there is no wonder it is a popular international destination for Indian backpackers. Although the local language is Bahasa – you will be able to find English speaking people, everywhere you go in Indonesia.

How to reach Indonesia

  • Flights – there are 17 international airports and one can land at any as per their schedule, preference, and itinerary. Interstate and district travel is also possible via air places. Visa – Visa on arrival for 30 days, which is extendable from the visa counter at a fee of INR 2200.
  • Maritime – The Island is well connected with regular maritime services and is a good way to experience the real life and beauty of Indonesian islands.

Accommodation – Hotels rooms available from INR 2000 onward and there are options for staying in dorms with basic facilities which are priced at below INR 1000. Remember that 1INR = 212 Indonesian rupiah.

Cost of Food – Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant, colorful, exotic and intense in flavors. Based on the indigenous culture and a fusion of many other cultures there are a variety of things to eat and try. Street food is also a great option for rough or bag pack travelers. Cost of food will depend on where you dine. It would be around INR 500 onwards.

Image result for food in indonesia
Amazing Indonesian Food/ Image Source – viraltravel.com

Activities or things to do – Being full of Islands – one does not need an invitation to go swimming, snorkeling, boat rides, and water sports. Also, there are cultural and religious tours, volcanic trips, leisure tours.

Places to visit and sightseeing – Jakarta, Bali, Malang, Raja Ampat island, Bekasi, Lombok, Bandung are some prominent attractions, one can also plan to visit remote untouched islands.


Image result for bandung indonesia
Dusun Bambu, Bandung/Image Source – wanderlustchloe.com

Local Travel – Buses, Yuk-trucks, and well connected maritime services are available, also there are metered taxis.

Approximate cost of travel for a single person would be around 35K-40K (3days and 2 nights)

• Travel cost – INR 15000
• Accommodation – INR 6000
• Food – INR 5000
• Local travel – INR 6500

4. Cambodia

Image result for cambodia tourism
Cambodia/Image source – truecambodiatravel.com

The Kingdom of wonders with pristine beaches and densely protected forests, rich in architecture and culture is at a crossroad of modernity and yet ethnic cultural values. Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is popular for people of all ages. From independent backpackers to luxury tourists, it is ideal for everyone.

The country has some tropical islands, historical urban cities, and nascent ecotourism scenes. People in Cambodia are kind, generous and open-minded. A trip to Cambodia will remain as a sweet memory that you’ll never forget about.

How to reach Cambodia

  • Flights – There are 2 international airports in Cambodia and there are many inland flights that connect interstate to other parts of the land. You can get Visa on arrival for 30 days max. at a fee of INR 2000 Approx.

Accommodation – Hotels rooms are available from INR 200 onward in the rural areas and are a near INR 600 onwards at urban set up for basic accommodation. One can opt for 5-star accommodation at a price of INR 6000/ night. Remember that 1INR = 61.65 Cambodian riel.

Cost of Food – Food is cheap and is available at INR 300 and above depending on where you dine.

Image result for local food cambodia tourism
Nom Banh Chok/Image Source – cambodia-hotels.com

Activities or things to do – Shopping, boat riding, fishing and visit to ancient temples and sites can be on the top list of activities to do in Cambodia.

Visit the Angkor Archaeological Park, Bokor National Park, Kampong Cham a remote village to witness real Cambodian culture and people, visit seaside areas at KEP and go bag-backing to villages like KREK.

Places to visit and sightseeing – There are numerous places to visit while in Cambodia, almost all the prominent cities and place are world renowned.

• Phnom Penh, the capital city is to the south of the country.
• BANLUNG have some great falter falls and national parks to visit.
• KAMPOT is the gateway to the Bokor national park.
• Kratie is the river town where one can enjoy the sight of getting close to river dolphins
• Siem Reap is the gateway to ANGKOR WAT the world largest religious monument.

Image result for banlung cambodia
Banlung in Cambodia/Image Source – erohisms.com

Local Travel – There are various mean to move around in Cambodia. From fights, trains, taxis, tuk-tuk, shared rides, rented motorbikes, City buses, boats and even walking around is fun.

Approximate cost of travel for a single person would be around 35K-40K (3days and 2 nights)

• Travel cost – INR 15000
• Accommodation – INR 5000
• Food – INR 5000
• Local travel – INR 6500

5. Philippines

Image result for philippines
Philippines/Image source – lonelyplanet.com

The Philippines, known as Pearl of the Orient Seas is an archipelago of more than 7000 islands. It is known as the most modernized county of all the South East Asian countries. It is known to have its rich biodiversity as its prominent tourist attraction.The pristine clear white sand beaches, cultural rich heritage towns and monuments, mountain ranges, rainforests, islands and diving spots are among the country’s most popular destinations.

How to reach the Philippines

  • Flights – Manila is the International Airport and is connected to interstates via flights and trains and boats. No visa is required to the Philippines if the stay is less than 30 days. Only passport valid for more than 6 months, return or onward ticket is required.

Accommodation – Hotels rooms are available from INR 1500 – 2000 in the metro setup and are cheaper in the ruler and remote locations. Homestay is cheaper and will be set one back by INR 700. Remember that 1INR = 0.80 Philippine Piso.

Cost of Food – Food is cheap and is available in American, Japanese, Spanish and tradition Philippines cuisines. From INR 300 and above food can cost upward of INR 2500 depending on where you dine.

Related image
Street Food Philippines/Image Source – willflyforfood.net

Activities or things to do – Trips to mountain ranges, white sand beaches, cave diving and snorkeling, cultural and heritage trip, and shopping can top the list for tourist on activities to undertake.Places to visit and sightseeing – Manila, boracic, Cebu, Bohol, Baguio, Puerto princess sub terrain national park, el nido Palawan are some of the hot tourist attractions.

Image result for places in philippines
Philippines el nido/Image Source – wildandaway.com

Local Travel – Trains are available only in Manila and Laguna. Also, buses, jeepneys, rented taxis, sharing motor tricycles are available.

Approximate cost of travel for a single person would be around 30K-35K (3days and 2 nights)

• Travel cost – INR 15000
• Accommodation – INR 3000
• Food – INR 3000
• Local travel – INR 6000

Stay planned with everything from travel to accommodation to sightseeing with the above guide. Book in advance and you will get the best travel deals on flights and accommodation.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and hit the roads. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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