5 Tips on How to Save Money while traveling

As holidays are approaching, everyone around you might be planning a trip or vacation. If you haven’t yet planned for a vacation, it’s time to plan.

Travel is nourishing but at the same time, it is an expense out of one’s pocket as there are foreseen and unforeseen expenses associated along with it.

If you can chalk out your preferences for your upcoming trip or vacation; you should be able to save big money bills by careful planning and a bit of flexibility. Below are mentioned five pointers to make your dream destination on the bucket list come true within your desired budget. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Save Money while traveling”

5 Awesome International Destinations Under 50K for Indian Backpackers



Holidaying offshore is a superb thought. Travelling gives you an opportunity to leave your tensions at the bay. It not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within the country or away – the fun and delight of the trip remain the same.

When it comes to an international trip, one of the biggest concerns that hinder our plan is the ‘Budget’. In most of the cases, the expenses exceed the budget limit and finally, we cancel the trip. If your budget limit is stopping you from international trips – here is the list of top 5 international trips that fit well into the pocket of every Indian Backpacker. Continue reading “5 Awesome International Destinations Under 50K for Indian Backpackers”